Customer information on the current price development

Our industry, and our company in particular, like so many others, is affected by the current supply chain problems and in some cases massive price increases.

We are currently experiencing extremely long delivery times for supplies such as packaging materials. In addition, we are also seeing enormous price increases in this area in particular, often in the double-digit percentage range.
There are very long waiting times for companies to show up to do repair and maintenance work. Here, we currently have to plan far in advance, as far as this is possible.

We had a long-term supply contract with our electricity provider, but unfortunately this is now about to expire at the end of the year, and we have to expect significantly higher electricity costs after the previous contract expires. At the same time, we are seeing price increases in shipping freight, which is certainly due to increased energy costs and, of course, increased gas prices.

In addition, there is an increase in time delays for freight of all types. This is mainly due to the shortage of drivers. However, this is a development that we see not only in this area. There is also a general shortage of trained personnel in almost all areas of the trade.
All of these aforementioned issues weigh even more heavily as we face a significant shortage of cattle in our industry.

The factors outlined above have already led to a significant increase in the price of beef, which takes on a special poignancy due to the proximity of the Christmas holidays and is sure to continue.

We are doing our best to keep prices as stable as possible, but we ask for your understanding that we are not spared from the general market development either.

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