ZEMO – join us in celebrating our birthday!

Founded in 1984 by Hans and Ludwig Moser in Weilerbach, Germany, ZEMO is now managed by the second generation. In January 2019 the management passed to Eva Moser.
Since its founding, ZEMO has specialized in the artisan butchering of cattle.
Customers in Germany, Europe and Hong Kong appreciate the select quality of ZEMO beef.

Broad assortment of meat in the store in Weilerbach

Customers on-site in Weilerbach are also able to enjoy ZEMO's delicious products, which are sold in the company's own store, located at Danziger Strasse 7.
At the store, ZEMO offers a broad selection of high-quality beef, pork and sausages. This is seasonally supplemented by grass-fed lamb, which is raised at the family´s own farm in Wolfstein.
In addition to the well-known cuts such as Ribeye, Sirloin, Tenderloin and Roasts, ZEMO also has "special cuts." Whether you are looking for Flat-Iron Steaks, 7-Bone Steaks, Brisket, Short Ribs or Tomahawk Ribs… you will find it at ZEMO!

Vending machines "24/7/365”

ZEMO has four vending machines next to the store, which are accessible around the clock all year round. There is a large selection of fresh food, including eggs, milk, baguettes, beverages and a seasonal specialties. Cash or credit cards are accepted.

The expertise of generations – the standards of today

The Moser family has been firmly rooted in the Palatinate area for centuries. Meat has played an important role in the family for a very long time. The first mention of the Mosers as butchers and cattle dealers in their hometown of Wolfstein dates back more than 200 years!
The love for nature is also a family heritage. Sustainability is not just a concept– working both in and with nature is a central aspect of the entrepreneurial family´s life, whose farm is home to more than 200 sheep, several cows and chickens.

ZEMO takes responsibility

All employees are directly employed by ZEMO. Therefore, ZEMO sets itself apart from many other companies in the industry. ZEMO has been working with many suppliers for more than 30 years. In the more than 35 years that we have been running our family business here in Weilerbach, we have built up a comprehensive quality management system. This is checked and certified by an external body several times a year.

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